16 July, 2007

On the Senate Trail

I'd be a Green Reform Candidate voter myself on the NUI Panel, and unlike Kevin Rafter in yesterday's Tribune, I will not be selling my votes to the highest bidder. No, I'll be giving Martin Hogan my number one vote on the NUI Ballot sheet.

The five ballot papers that I'm entitled to as an elected representative landed on the desk the other day, but the pleas and supplications have been arriving for months now. Whatever about Francie O'Briens's pens which I've mentioned before, I was a tad surprised at the offer from Luke Moriarty. He tells me in the accompanying letter that he is impressed with the hard work and dedication that I display everyday in my role as a public representative, but a voucher for two night's accommodation at the Moriarty Group Hotels - including breakfast? Please, you're spoiling me. We're all used to chocolates from the other Mary White (not our own) , but this is another league altogether. My copy of Iris Oifigiúil from the 29th June tells me that Luke is nominated by the Irish Hotels Federation. For a moment I thought this was some sort of a stunt by Luke Flanagan, but no, apparently Luke Moriarty does exist, and is running for office. There is a touch of the rotten borough about it all, and this form of inducement rules the bearer of such gifts out, as far as I'm concerned.

There are some great candidates running though, I've a lot of time for Mark McSharry, Ivana Bacik, Rosaleen McDonagh, Dominic Hannigan and Colm MacEochaidh. Let's hope they clear the hurdles and make their way into the Senate this time round.

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