30 April, 2007

Herald or Press?

...the flesh that is. Day two, and chatting away to people at the Dart Station in Dun Laoghaire on a sunny evening is almost relaxing after the many intimate encounters with poles of the stationary kind since Sunday morning.

"The Green Party- ah, sure yiz are all lentils and smoking dope, sure you would ruin the country"
was the worst reaction I got today. Dorothy, an older Green Party member tried to explain that she had never tried any of the above, but she got short shrift from our accuser.

As poles for postering become scarcer, the competition hots up. Spying a van and ladders from the opposition drawing near we sprinted towards a prime position in Sandycove yesterday. A face appeared at the window of the house behind -

"Sorry, we're trying to sell our house here, and would you mind not putting up posters, it sort of takes away from the appearance.

"Sure, no problem" I replied and turned around to head back to the car.

"Oh, you're the Green Party, forget what I said, you're fine!"

And I hadn't even told her about our plans for lowering stamp duty on high energy rating homes...

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