29 September, 2004

Residents Against Racism

Residents Against Racism march to Dáil Éireann. Ruairi Quinn gives a good speech to the crowd. There are many Nigerians , Romanians and younger Irish citizens present. I add my tuppence ha'penny worth. It's a lot more fun addressing a live crowd outside the Dáil than an empty chamber with a bored Junior Minister sitting across from you.

I liked the way the tricolour was highly visible in the crowd.

22 September, 2004

Join the Dots

We re-launch the 'Join the Dots' campaign at Stephens Green. Eamon Ryan, Trevor Sargent and myself distribute a few dozen postcards to postcards at the Stephen's Green Luas stop. People seem fairly enthusiastic and TV3 turn up to take a few clips

car free day Dublin style...

Not a great turn out for the Critical Mass Rally on car free day. Other European cities seem to be providing more encouragement to leave the car at home. 22september.org has the details.