06 October, 2006

Time out with Leonard

Some times you just need to get away from the world of politics.

A bunch of us headed down to the Point for an incredible four hour long tribute to Leonard Cohen. That's a whited out Lou Reed in the pic - 64 and still rockin'.

Gavin Friday was sublime, as was Antony. Laurie Anderson was so-so, but having listened to her five LP set 'United States' to keep me awake through all-nighters in College, it was great to see one of my heroes perform live.

Nick Cave, was well, Nick Cave, complete with a drooping cowboy moustache, and Jarvis Cocker was chilled out and looked like he was enjoying the evening.

Another night out tonight ....I'm off with Eamon to the Alma Mater to see whether the 'Sulk Coalition' partners are still on speaking terms. Michael should be there, and An Taoiseach is the after-dinner speaker.

I'll update you if they start throwing bread rolls at each other!

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