28 November, 2006

Borat Buyout

The Economist engages with environmental issues regularly, but it was last week's issue of Hello that took me by surprise. In their comment section they had writer Paul Brown engaging with the challenging issues of the day - Climate Change.

"Climate change has to be tackled urgently ... The days of making the School run in a 4 x 4 down crowded suburban side streets and taking cheap weekend breaks in Eastern European Cities are numbered."

Well, there you have it, if that isn't a tipping point I don't know what is.

The Economist piece was fairly positive as well, even if they did use a nasty variation of this pic of a fallen turbine in Lichtenau, Germany as part of their piece.

"Clean-energy fever is being fuelled by three things: high oil prices, fear over energy security and a growing concern about global warming."

Meanwhile our man Eamon Ryan is back from Nairobi, leaving his blog behind him, I'll pester him to update it. Dick Roche didn't add much to the debate about Climate Change there. Interesting to see the Climate Change page on the Environment website was last updated three years ago. Now he's encouraging Ireland to exercise the "Borat Buyout". We're about to purchase €5m worth of shares in greenhouse gas reduction projects in countries like Kazakhstan. That probably beats buying carbon credits on the international market, but shouldn't we be investing in climate change reductions here at home such as public transport projects, renewable energy and better building standards?


Simon said...

interesting post. But I will guess hallo was not your normal reading ;)

Simon McGarr said...

All well and good, but when are you going to fill us in on Kylie's triumphant return?

Ciarán said...

You'd have to have been in Wembley Stadium last night for that, along with 12,000 others.

She stole the show by all accounts.

tulipstairs said...

Oh dear. Reading "Hello"?