14 November, 2007

Bus Strike - 60,000 stuck in the rain

Joan Burton said she was having a bad hair day in the Dáil this morning, and even Bertie was expressing his sympathy for commuters stuck walking to work in the rain today.

Interestingly, the bus drivers simply want to start their routes at Harristown Depot, rather than in the middle of town. It seems like a reasonable request to me. Mind you, we do need a bus regulator to make sure that Dublin Bus and other companies are doing their job.

If I had my way I'd sell off Ringsend, Summerhill, and Donnybrook Bus Depots, put new bus garages on the outskirts of Dublin, and use the money to invest in new buses and routes. It seems crazy that buses are parked on some of the most valuable land in Dublin. Broadstone? I'd hang onto that, and put put back the rail link that used to be there until the middle of the last century.


Watchdog Watchdog said...

Donnybrook's an especially strange example of a bus depot. I don't know what to make of bus privatisation, but I do know that if Dublin Bus was a private business, there's no way they'd be parking and washing hundreds of buses in Dublin 4. It really doesn't make sense.

Unknown said...

True but think of the cost of bringing 10LT diesel engines out of the city after the final run to a depot lets say 15kms away?

Michael Commane said...

Heard you on the radio this morning and was impressed.
I have written a piece on my blog today re travelling by bus. You may like to read it.
My blog is michaelcommane.blogspot.com

Ciarán said...



Unknown said...

Seems to me that a management system with real time information (bus location, passanger load, travel direction, etc.)fed from each bus could do wonders for the efficiency of the service with a lot more customer satisfaction and without significant additional cost and no additional pollution. Hope this wont upset the unions and blow the service for Christmas!