29 May, 2008

Land Rover Greenwash

...Dear Deputy,

We are very pleased to send you the enclosed booklets "There is more to our world" and "Designed for Purpose, Not Pretence".


My thanks to David Harpur, MD of Land Rover Ireland for the info, but with respect, I don't see too many rangerovers towing horse-boxes through the streets of Dublin.

David, I think you're in serious danger of winning top prize in the greenwash awards, weasel words section 2008


Anonymous said...

Designed for purpose has nothing to do with towing anything. It has to do with self-elevation. Why else would Landrover produce the outrageous SPORTS HSE version of this vehicle.

It should be banned and I actually like cars!

Anonymous said...

Landrover say "At least once a month 56 per cent of all Discoverys venture off-road".

Is this when they park on the footpath?